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Yin, Restorative and Sound Afternoon Retreat

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Come join us at Element to sink into an afternoon of gentle and supported poses while being guided by lovely sound instruments to ease the body and mind into a place of deep relaxation.

Sacral Chakra Workshop

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The Sacral Chakra is where we hold our creativity, desires and sexuality. Join our workshop in April to learn all about this energy centre, including this chakras properties, how to cleanse and balance it as well as the crystals associated with this area of the body.

Learn to Meditate

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Those who want to know how to meditate, it is not a difficult or complex activity. But, even the simplest of tasks can be done unskillfully, haphazardly, or just plain incorrectly. By the of this course, you will have the foundations for lifelong meditation practice.

Live From Your Heart

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This special weekend retreat is one not to be missed. We will have beautiful meditation and yoga sessions, organic and wholesome meals, luxury accommodation and a day out to the annual Gippsland Kirtan fundraising event with special guests; Katie Underwood and Miroslav Petrovic.

Inner Bliss Retreat

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Our Inner Bliss Retreat has been created with love and light so that you can immerse yourself into a beautiful weekend of nourishing experiences that guide you to a place of self-love and connection. Amongst your wellness classes and workshops, take time to relax and unwind with soothing teas and enjoy a massage or crystal healing. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, explore the beautiful surroundings of Sale with walks, bike rides and a river cruise.