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Work and play are good together.

We understand that sometimes you need to get away to get things done. At Mansi, accommodation comes set up for both business and leisure. Work stations, high-speed internet, smart TVs and living spaces that moonlight as meeting rooms all mean you can go about your business, before getting a solid night’s sleep and breakfast in bed (if that’s how your work self rolls). Our spot in the centre of Sale gives you food, shopping and fitness tempting you from the door. They’re motivational tools too, right?

A conference centre in a comfortable disguise.

Surprise! Not just for individual workers or group travellers, Mansi makes a smart setting for corporate events and seminars too. The townhouses are spacious enough for big meetings – or meetings that turn into dinner parties, that turn into philosophical discussions, that turn into multiple rounds of celebrity heads (it happens) – and are kitted out with high-speed internet, smart TVs, work stations, ensuite bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens. If you’re hosting a seminar, we’ll package it up and make everything easy for you. So all you have to decide on is which cheese you want in the fridge for that midnight snack.