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Our certified massage therapists have been formally trained in the art of both Remedial and Relaxation Massages and will tailor the experience to your body and needs. The ancient therapeutic practice of massage, can be dated back to ancient civilisations and empires across Asia and Europe. Since then, the specialised practice has been noted with numerous health benefits in a plethora of scientific papers and journals.

Relaxation Massage

is a therapeutic practice, healing the mind and the body through calming atmosphere and gentle massage. These massages are fantastic for your mental health and has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. During a massage your body reduces the levels of stress inducing hormones – hormones known in numerous studies to impair the immune system. The physical aspect of receiving a massage been shown to reduce tension and pain, the removal of toxins and to improve circulation.

Remedial Massage

is an objective assessment and treatment of a mechanical injuries that have occurred due to sport, lifestyle and/or age. Our therapists will aim to locate and repair the damaged or tense parts of the body related to the original source of the pain and to help fast track your recovery time. The therapy involves deeply massaging the affected area, promoting the body’s repair process – This is very beneficial for persons with: minor or chronic pains, sciatic pains, arthritis, fatigue and sporting injuries.
For all injuries or pains, past or present, please consult a doctor prior to booking to determine if a massage is an appropriate treatment for you.

Health Benefits

Mind Clarity

Enhance your mind functionality, concentration & memory, cognitive function can increase through the combination of results achieved with regular use.

Muscle Recovery

Fast track you muscle recovery time to keep your body in peak performance with a remedial massage. Our therapists aim to locate and repair damaged or tense areas to help you keep moving.

Potential Lifestyle Benefits

May prevent lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and obesity by increasing energy levels.

Pain Relief

Rapid inflammation reduction & pain relief in parts of the body is often noted with regular sessions following injury or surgery. Ensure individual medical concerns are discussed with your GP.


Massages reduce your stress inducing hormones, some of which are known to impair the immune system. This may assist people living with chronic health conditions.
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