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The AirPod Hydroxy therapy is a safe, patent protected and innovative restorative therapy that delivers a combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen under three pressure settings of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 ATA.

Health Benefits


Reduction in oxidative stress & removal of toxic and harmful ROS, preventing "body rusting". The effects of oxygen and hydrogen on the body are well documented.

Lifestyle Benefits

Under increased pressure, higher amounts of oxygen are delivered to the body’s tissues, leaving the user felling relaxed and rejuvenated as apart of holistic wellness plan.


The benefits of oxygen and hydrogen super charging the body, immunity is often boosted too. This may assist people living with chronic health conditions.

Anti-Aging Benefits

The hyperbaric environment allows the effects of the hydrogen H2O to have maximum effect on the body. This unique environment helps with deficiencies we find throughout our own environments.

Pain Relief

Rapid inflammation reduction & pain relief in parts of the body is often noted with regular sessions following injury or surgery. Ensure individual medical concerns are discussed with your GP.


Reduces stress and promotes relaxation, regular sessions can be combined with light, music and/or sound therapies, or meditation to gain the maximum benefits.

Mind Clarity

Enhance your mind functionality, concentration & memory, cognitive function can increase through the combination of results achieved with regular use.

Muscle Recovery

Fast track you muscle recovery time to keep your body in peak performance, with increased hydration and oxygen you increase the body’s ability to recover muscle from strain or injury.

Advanced Wound Healing

Aiding with the post-operative repair process, clients see improvements in recovery times and often report significant improvements compared to traditional practices.

Deepen Sleep Cycle

Improve your sleep to feel more invigorated for the day ahead, with the incorporation of this practice into your daily routine.

Patented Technology

Airpod Hydroxy therapy is patented for 20 years. There is no other therapy that is unique. Produced by one of Japan’s leading medical equipment manufacturers.

Hydrogen Rich Intake Sessions

In a 1-hour session you take in 1 litre of Hydrogen rich water. Hydrogen rapidly penetrates all layers of the skin, much more rapidly than with hydration alone.
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